Will, Future Expert in International Finance

We met Will while photographing the Langham Creek High School Mr. Lobo Contestants, our annual contribution to the LCHS project prom fundraiser.  Will is a flexible, laid back, handsome young man; he often pauses to push back his hair from his forehead with a laugh.  He smiles often and naturally. 

Will plays soccer himself, and likes watching international soccer.  He is a big fan of Dortmund (a German sports club).  He also likes watching basketball , especially the Houston Rockets. 

In his spare time, Will likes to hang out with friends and cruise with his car windows down while listening to rap music.  Two of Will's favorite recording artists are hip hop “Chance the Rapper”, and “Logic”, a rapper/songwriter from Maryland.   He also likes reading, both fiction and autobiography. 

Will is eager to attend Texas Christian University and has already mastered the horned frog sign, thanks to his older siblings also attending TCU!  Will’s favorite subject is Math, and he excels at both Statistics and Calculus.  He plans to major in International Business and since he speaks Spanish we think this will be a great career for him. 

We at Nounou Photography hope Will's hard work and efforts  add up to your desired results in the future.  Go Class of 2016!

The Eyes Have It! Here’s Rebecca!

Rebecca is a senior and the Cheerleading captain at Cypress Woods High School.  She likes to sing in the Mixed Choir as well.  Her preferred music genre is Pop; but she also loves to listen to Beyonce’. 

Something really fascinating and different about Rebecca is that her gorgeous eyes are each a different color and depending on the light this is more noticeable at certain times.  The two eyes are a mixture of blue, some green, and even a little brown.   If you look closely at her photos you will see it too. 

Rebecca enjoys reading, especially the Bible, and she works as a Christian Camp Counselor at Camp  Cho-Yeh near Livingston.   The people she admires most in the world are her parents, and she is grateful for her parents’ example of  unconditional love, hard work and independence that she tries hard to incorporate into her own life. 

Rebecca will attend Stephen F. Austin University.  It is her goal to become an orthodontist and create beautiful smiles.  We think that’s a fabulous ambition, because we at Nounou Photography love capturing happy smiles.   Maybe yours will be next!  Good luck, Rebecca, and we wish you all the best in your studies and ambitions.  Go Class of 2016!

Sweet Sarah’s Smiles

We learned quickly that two of the things Sarah is best at are listening and following directions.  She  is a little shy, but she heeded every posing suggestion and instruction without hesitation to the best of her ability.   If all teenagers were as obedient and accurate when given instructions as Sarah,  there would be some really ecstatic parents, teachers, and employers of teens.    Sarah is a happy girl, with sensitive feelings and loves her mom to the ends of the earth - yes we believe the feeling is mutual!  She is a happy girl and we loved to see her enthusiastic smile and positive attitude. 

Sarah attends Seven Lakes High School, where she takes part in the Super Seniors program.  In her classes she has learned computers, filing, cooking, and her favorite, floral design.  Sarah likes attending  football, volleyball, and other school sporting events when she is given the opportunity.  She participates in Special Buddies, allowing her to attend high school games and school events with friends. 

Sarah likes country music.  She is a big fan of Taylor Swift and would like to meet her someday.  When Sarah is at home she likes to prepare dinner and she really loves to make pasta.    One of her favorite things to do on a not so busy day is to just sleep in.  We like that too, Sarah - especially on the rainy days we've been having lately! 

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Sarah, and we hope your life will continue to be full of smiles and all of your favorite things!  

Jenna, Soon to be a Resident of the Forty Acres

Jenna is the youngest of four, and her warm cheery smile brightens up the room.  She is a gregarious girl, kind and thoughtful, and there are many who will miss her when she heads off to college - good thing she won't be too far away! 

Jenna is a senior at Langham Creek High School, where she studies hard and volunteers.  She is a member of National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, SPARKS club, Habitat for Humanity, Young Life, and Student Council.   Her favorite classes are Biology and Natural Sciences. 

Jenna shares her love for Volleyball by coaching at Texas Tornadoes.  She is a Houston Texans fan and has met JJ Watt.  JJ isn’t the only celebrity Jenna has come across;  Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers have also had the pleasure of meeting Jenna.   Maybe the next celebrity she meets will be Carrie Underwood.  Jenna really admires Carrie for her uplifting values and meeting her would be another dream come true. 

Jenna is planning to be a Pediatrician, and will follow in Dad’s footsteps by attending UT Austin, majoring in Biology.  We hope for Jenna that she will achieve her goals and that all her study and hard work will pay off. 


Jenna, we know that when you reach your dream career, the children receiving pediatric care will definitely be very lucky to have you as their doctor.  

Sweet Destiny Loves to Serve

Destiny is a natural in front of the camera and has a gorgeous smile.  But this lovely Mr. Lobo escort is not just a pretty face; she is also helpful and kind, and has plenty going on behind the scenes. 

A senior at Langham Creek High School, her favorite subject is Algebra.  She plays volleyball, runs track, and participates in student council, Diamond Dolls (supporting the baseball program), and green club (environmental awareness and recycling). 

Destiny loves volunteering, and especially enjoys working with children with special needs.  She volunteers with YMCA’s Miracle League helping kids with disabilities play baseball, and works at Texas Tornadoes, coaching younger children in volleyball. 

Destiny’s role model is her grandmother, whom, she says, is beautiful inside and out, optimistic, and has a positive attitude.   We see these qualities in Destiny as well. 

When Destiny has a little free time, she enjoys attending sporting events, movies, dinners and bonfires with her friends. 

Destiny plans to attend Texas A&M and major in Business.  She says her dream job is to be a stay at home mom, which is probably the noblest profession of all.  We at Nounou Photography wish Destiny much success as she works toward her goals and continues to serve others, and we know she will bless many lives.  Go Class of 2016!  

A Music Man

Brian loves music - he can listen to music almost any time of the day; but what he really likes is playing music and getting together with his friends for a "jam session"!  We have known Brian his entire life and have had the awesome pleasure of watching him grown into a fun, caring, young man that has a passion for music and is always willing to help others.

While at Cypress Woods High School, Brian has been a member of the band for four years and he has even represented the band at several contests throughout his high school career.  In addition to the trumpet, Brian plays the drums, the ukulele and guitar.  He actually prefers rainy days and we're guessing it's because it allows him more time to have fun with his many instruments and to just chill to some of his favorite music.  If you sit next to Brian long enough, you will notice he is always tapping a tune that only he hears in his head.  Brian admires Luke Holland and thinks he is a wonderful drummer.

In addition to his musical talents, Brian has been a dedicated Boy Scout and last fall earned his Eagle Scout, the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the BSA.  After receiving some donations in lumber from area hardware stores, and putting some of his own money into the project, Brian built birdhouses that were returned unpainted to the hardware stores for children to complete and take home during their " in-store camps". 

The University of Houston is where Brian will call home next fall.  He plans to participate in the Cougar Marching Band and is currently majoring in engineering.  We know he will excel at whatever he puts his mind to and we can't wait to see where the future takes him!

Soccer Star George

This week our blog features George, a confident, handsome young soccer fan and one of Cypress Fairbanks ISD's top players.  His favorite team to cheer on is Chelsea F.C. , a professional football (soccer) club based in London.   George loves to be out on the field even more than watching others, and has played three years with the Dynamos  Youth Soccer Club.  He currently plays defender and he is also on his high school soccer team.  His dream job is to play for a professional soccer team.  It couldn't have been a better evening to take action photos on the soccer field with George playing the sport he loves best. 

George attends Cypress Ranch High School and enjoys math and science.  He belongs to National Honor Society, Key Club, Chemistry Club, and Recycling Club,  as well as Cy Ranch’s mentoring program “Pony Up”  He also participates in  food drives benefitting Houston Food Bank.  If you've followed along so far, you can see that George is very busy and works hard for what he loves and respects.  When asked which famous person he admires, he named All-Star basketball player Kobe Bryant for his work ethic. 

George plans to attend Texas A&M and major in Civil Engineering.  We are sure his hard work will pay off, and that he will achieve his goals and dazzle everyone on and off the soccer field.