ChloƩ, Compassionate and Stylish

While Chloé may seem shy when you first meet her, she has a wonderful personality, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and the people she cares about.   She keeps up with the fashion world, has good taste and a style and beauty all her own.   One of the backgrounds Chloé chose is our “Picasso” background, and it’s not a background that often gets chosen, but it just looks like it was made for Chloé.  We love Chloé’s Picasso image so much that we may just make it a feature image on our website in future!  

At Langham Creek High school, Chloé belongs to the SPARKS club and works with students with special needs.  Chloé’s older sister is disabled and her influence, along with the love and care Chloé has shown to her over the years has seemingly inspired her to pursue a career in the health care industry.   She also belongs to HOSA, an international student organization for future health professionals. 

Chloé wants to attend Prairie View and major in either Physical Therapy or Sports Medicine.   Her plan is to become a physical therapist and help many people.  It sounds to us, Chloé, as if you are well on your way, and we wish you all the best as you progress toward your very worthy goals.  Enjoy your senior year!

Jared, Future Teacher

Jared attends Cypress Lakes high school and has played trumpet in the Spartan band for four years.  He really appreciates classical music and enjoys listening to it when studying or just hanging out.  For the 2015 Winter Band Concert, Jared recently dressed in a Grinch costume and stole the show by swiping not only the gifts from under the tree on stage, but the band director’s baton as well. 

Jared works at an area Kroger’s floral department so if you need just the right flowers for a special occasion, he’s your man.  Something Jared really likes about his job is interacting with and helping customers.  He is a very friendly and pleasant young man. 

One of Jared’s best qualities is his ability to take things in stride.  He is very laid back and relaxed and has a lot of patience.  He plans to go attend college and pursue a teaching degree and those character traits will definitely come in handy. 

Jared, we at Nounou Photography think you will be an amazing teacher and wish you all the best achieving your educational and other goals.   Enjoy the rest of your senior year! 

Madison, Cowgirl at Heart

Madison is a beautiful blonde and prefers to be called Maddie.  She is very country chic and she loves her cowboy boots and her animals.  We photographed her older sister and they are both gorgeous but their interests are very different and it was a blast to capture Maddie’s unique style.

Maddie attends Langham Creek High School and recently participated in the Mr. Lobo contest, which supports project prom, as an escort.  She looked just as comfortable in a dazzling formal dress as she does in her jeans when she is at the barn with her animals.  Maddie is a 4 year member of FFA and serves as FFA Vice President at her school and has received college credit at Lonestar College for her dedication and hard work with FFA. 

Maddie doesn’t mind a little fur and dirt, and she is raising a goat named Forest and a steer named Gilligan Gilroy (you can call him Gil for short).  They both adore her and we think the feeling is mutual.  She was recently crowned CFISD Livestock Show Queen.  All candidates for royalty are interviewed and judged on personality, intelligence, knowledge and goodwill.  She also received a scholarship along with her sash and title. 

Maddie plans to attend A&M Corpus Christi and become a Zoologist or Marine Biologist.  Congratulations Maddie on your achievements so far.  We know you will have many more successes to be proud of in the future and we wish you all the best!  

Langham Creek Senior, Adam

We have known Adam since middle school and have photographed his family several times.  Although he is always quiet, and it takes a lot to find his natural smile, once you find it, it reaches his eyes!

Adam will graduate this spring from Langham Creek High School.  He plays euphonium in the High School Lobo band and serves as section leader and load crew manager.  This is his third year playing Ultimate Frisbee for Langham and he is currently Co-Captain of the team.  Adam is also a member of National Honor Society and he says his favorite class is Calculus “because it’s logical”. 

He has eclectic taste and enjoys many genres of music and enjoys finding new music to listen to when he is in the mood to listen to music.  He is a Houston Rockets basketball fan and also enjoys shooting hoops occasionally with friends in his backyard or nearby park. 

After graduation, Adam will pursue a degree in Engineering at Texas A&M.  Electrical Engineering is where he sees his future, and his dream is to design fast luxury cars like Lamborghini.

Adam blazes his own trail and doesn’t seek to follow any one person.  We here at Nounou Photography hope Adam follows his dreams!  Congratulations Adam, on all your achievements so far!  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays just how they wanted.


This year my family was blessed to escape the craziness here at home and travel to Europe to visit friends and for some quality family time. During our two and half weeks we visited Copenhagen, Denmark, experienced a Danish Christmas, and watched OU football from across the world. We also traveled to Berlin, Germany to see all the major landmarks there. Then we ended our trip with my friend from high school’s family in Stavanger, Norway. The trip was filled with fond memories and lots of stories.


Brady, Senior from Lanham Creek High School

At first glance, you might notice Brady is tall, dark and handsome.  But there’s much more to this Mr. Lobo contestant than just a nice smile. 

Brady’s preferred sport is baseball, and he pitches for Langham Creek High School, and by the way, look out!  He’s left-handed.   He is also a member of the Wolf Pack, supporting the football team by running flags, cheering with the crowd and keeping spirits high during games.  

A member of National Honor Society and publicity officer for Alpha Charity League, Brady is pleasant, reserved, and easy going, in additional be being a loyal friend and a good student.   Although Brady certainly has many activities to fill his days, he does occasionally enjoy a rainy day where he can relax at home and enjoy a favorite TV show or thumbing through a Sports Illustrated magazine. 

Brady is college-bound and would like to major in Business.  He loves Stephen F. Austin State University but is also considering other options.  He would like to own and run his own business someday.   Brady, we wish you all the best in your pursuits and a great senior year!  

Track Star Tyra

We travelled out to Cypress Woods High School for Tyra’s Senior Safari and it was bright and sunny just like her smile.  Tyra likes sunny days for running .  She doesn’t sit still much and prefers to be out doing things.  She runs track and plays basketball for her school and that and studying keeps her figure trim and her days busy.

Tyra is outgoing, friendly and funny.  She likes to listen to Hip Hop and R&B music and is a big fan of Chris Brown. 

Tyra’s favorite subject is science and after graduation she plans to go off to college and become a nurse.  We are sure she will be an amazing one and take wonderful care of those under her watch.  

Tyra, remember that Emil Zatopek said, "A runner must run with dreams in his heart."  Dare to dream big, and then work to make your dreams come true. 

We at Nounou Photography wish you all the best with your future plans and dreams and hope the rest of your senior year is super fun!