She’s a “Soccer Star”, she’s a Cy Falls Senior… It’s Taylor!

Taylor loves soccer and in addition to playing defense for the CyFalls Eagles, serves as captain of the Albion Hurricanes.  The famous person she most admires is Canadian born American soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux.  She respects Sydney for her fun personality and because she works hard to achieve her goals. 

In Taylor’s spare time, she likes to read magazines like Seventeen, People Stylewatch, and Teen Vogue to stay up on the latest fashions and listen to pop and Hip Hop dance music.   So although Taylor is tough on the field, she is still a girl at heart and enjoys dressing up from head to toe!

As a class officer, Taylor shares her leadership skills to benefit her classmates.  Additionally, Taylor is a member of Student Council and HOSA (future health professionals) club.   Not surprisingly, her favorite subject is Biology and she is fascinated by the field of Human Genetics.  She would like to be a Pediatrician that travels or a Marine Biologist.   

Taylor plans to continue to play soccer for either Concordia University or Nova South Eastern University.  We know you will go far and wish you the best in reaching your goals.   Someday in the future we may be calling you doctor!  Have a great senior year.  

Future Lawyer or Politician, Sam is pursuing his dream!

As a Langham Creek High School Mr. Lobo contestant, we photographed Sam as a contestant and also a regular senior session.  He never ceases to be charming and we think he looks mighty dapper in a bow tie, don’t you agree? 

Although Sam looks great dressed up, he is equally at home on the tennis court.  He plays for his high school tennis team, as well as, at the Copperfield Racquet Club. 

With Sam’s future career possibilities, it’s of no surprise that his favorite subject is History.  He shares his ability to be a leader serving as National Honor Society President and belongs to the leadership-based club, FRED. 

In his free time, you might find Sam hanging out with his friends, shooting a few hoops on the basketball court, listening to music (he loves alternative but has eclectic taste, anything but country), or playing with his dogs Belle and Scout.

After graduation, Sam will further his education by studying Business and he is currently considering   Washington University, St Louis, and UT Austin.  He plans to continue with his education and pursue a degree in law, so he is a very goal oriented young man, but if he could simply choose a dream job, it might be managing his own NBA team!

Sounds like you have some noble aspirations, Sam, and we look forward to seeing all you accomplish in the years to come!  Best wishes for your future from Nounou Photography!

Natalie, St. Pius High School Class of 2015

Natalie is one of about 180 students that will graduate this year from St. Pius X High School.  We have known Natalie for several years as we photographed her older brother, Preston.  We have also photographed her wonderful family and have just been thrilled to be able to catch up with her again for her senior portraits!  Natalie loves math and it’s no surprise that she is a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, and the Raffle Promotion Committee.

Volleyball is Natalie’s passion!  She has played volleyball since she started playing at the YMCA in 5th grade, and now plays for the Houston Juniors Volleyball Club.   She plans to continue playing Volleyball for the Sam Houston Bearkats and we congratulate her on this wonderful accomplishment.

Fun random facts about Natalie:  She listens to indie music.  She has a contagious laugh and an adorable wink.  Her favorite color is lavender and she absolutely loves elephants.   The person Natalie admires most is her mother, because she is a strong and independent woman. 

Natalie is planning for a future as a nurse.  We wish Natalie much success in her achieving her goals and we hope the rest of this year is full of laughter and wonderful memories.  

Cheerleader and Country Girl

Taylor is a senior at Langham Creek High School, and has been a Lobo varsity cheerleader for three years.   Her favorite subject is History and she doesn’t really care if it’s US, Texas or World History!

Taylor is a bit of a country girl at heart.  She loves to listen to country music, and has many fond memories of 4-wheeling and climbing trees on the family ranch.  She also likes watching football and is a fan of the Houston Texans and especially her favorite player,  J.J. Watt. 

One of Taylor’s many talents is that she is good at starting conversations, and she enjoys talking to and getting to know people.   She admires her grandmother Carol, whose nickname is “Nanny”, because she is a very caring loving person with a big heart.  One day, Taylor hopes that others might describe her in much the same way.

Taylor wants to major in law or Psychology at Texas State and become a district attorney.  We wish you a wonderful year transitioning from high school to college and we hope the remainder of your senior year is awesome! Go Class of 2015! 

Multi-instrumentalist and Future Engineer

Austin reminds me of rock… he doesn’t bring attention to himself so you might just pass him by on a leisurely walk, but if you do get to know him, you will discover quickly the gem inside!  With his different interests and talents, it’s not surprising that Austin likes both rainy and sunny days.  He says that on rainy days, he can hang out and if he’s around others he can “feel closer to them” vs on a sunny day, he just enjoys being outside.

As a member of the LCHS band, Austin is a percussionist, but his musical talent extends to string instruments and the keyboard too!  He enjoys his ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar and played the tenors during marching band season.  Furthermore, Austin is now performing with the second band he helped to form and we were privileged to see his band perform during the Mr. Lobo contest held annually to raise money for project prom. 

When Austin is outside, he enjoys running.  He especially likes distance running and has a goal to run a full marathon since he has already accomplished the half marathon.  You might also find him playing a game of ultimate Frisbee with his friends.

With all of this activity, Austin still finds time to study and stay close to God.  He hopes to attend the University of Texas in Austin and major in mechanical engineering!  Hook-em Horns  m/

Sam, Class of 2015

We always enjoy photographing the Langham Creek High School Mr. Lobo contestants, and this handsome young man was no exception.  Sam is a runner.  He loves Track and he has run Cross Country for many years.   He is also a member of Wolf Pack during football season, so you might see him making a run for it down the field with a flag waving above him. 

Sam loves the outdoors,  and one of his favorite people to go on an outing with is his dad Graham, a man he truly admires who shares his love of hunting, fishing and sarcastic humor. 

On the occasion you might find Sam indoors, he can be found studying Physics or Chemistry (his favorite subjects), listening to some rap music, or chilling with his video games.  

Sam hopes to attend UT and is interested in Business and Finance.  Sam, we know that as you endure in the race of life, you’ll go far.  Hope the rest of your senior year is great!

Kevin, Langham Creek High School Class of 2015

We previously photographed Kevin’s older sister and older brother and have loved getting to know Kevin this year, now that he is a senior. 

Kevin loves music and plays the trombone in the award winning Langham Creek High School Lobo band.  He serves as trombone section leader and has participated in All-Region and All-District bands, as well as playing at marching band state competition. The band also performed in Symphony Center Chicago in a Circle of Honor performance in 2014.   Langham Creek band was selected last year by the Foundation for Music Education as a “Mark of  Excellence” Commended Winner.  

Kevin is also a sports fan and enjoys baseball, soccer and basketball when he isn’t studying hard for school.  

Kevin, we wish you all the best for your senior year and beyond!