Humor is Second Nature for Reed

Reed is a senior from Cypress Ranch High School and in less than two weeks he will be walking across the stage to receive his diploma!   We are sure that if the opportunity exists, Reed will have something witty to say to someone on stage, as he kept us laughing and on our toes the entire photo shoot.  Reed is the youngest of six children, but his siblings are all girls so we think his humor has become a survival technique to cope with so many women in his life!

A senior safari session is what took Reed to some nearby fields to photograph his truck and his gun.  Although his truck is quite easy to see, you might have to look a little closer for the gun with all the camouflage.  This summer Reed is looking forward to a true safari to Africa with his dad which is sure to be a trip of a lifetime and will give Reed and his dad some extra special memories together.  We believe this is wonderful especially since Reed admires his dad's success and plans to major in Petroleum Engineering and perhaps follow in his dad's footsteps.

Reed, all of us at Nounou Photogoraphy thank you for the laughs and for your creative ideas.  We wish you all the best as you pursue your dream career at Texas A&M University in College Station! 

Dalton, Future Film Maker

A senior from Langham Creek HS, Dalton, was referred to us from a previous client.  While Dalton enjoys working with his own camera and making videos, like most "photographers", he doesn't necessarily like being in front of the camera, at least not a "still-camera", however, Dalton really enjoys making his own videos or Vlogs!  Dalton had many of his own ideas - again not surprising, especially given that his mom is an artist and he enjoys his camera - and we welcomed his ideas and creativity.

Over the last couple of months, Dalton has started a "daily life video" and since his senior portraits were part of his day, he shows a portion of his session in his Vlog!  Also another cool thing, Dalton loves Star Wars and the tag line on the back of his letterman is "Force Be With You" which Teresa quickly picked up on and recognized that we were photographing his senior portraits on May 4th!  We think Dalton has some ideas to share with the world and just enjoys life - since he's capturing it daily with his video camera, he will have many memories to reminisce about later in life.

When searching for universities, Dalton was impressed by the hospitality he was shown from the start at the University of Tennessee.  He and his family liked the feel of the campus and the city of Knoxville combined with the beautiful campus, won them over.



We wish you all the best Dalton at the University of Tennessee - Go Volunteers!

Zac, a Future Builder

Nounou Photography had the pleasure of photographing Zachary's two older sisters, Brittany and Taylor, and we are so blessed to finish with the youngest, Zac!

We learned very quickly that Zac was willing to give us an hour to create and he was doing this for his mom - but after just over an hour, I think he would agree, he really did have a good time!  Zac is a senior at Cypress Ranch High School and he earned his letterman by running track.  He is quite fast and his best events are the 100 and 200-meter dash.

Zac shared one of his favorite life experiences with us and we want to share it too.  He said he has been surfing once and really had a blast - "one of the best moments ever"!  He is trying to convince his family to take him to Hawaii where he can really ride some waves!  We're sure there are some incentives that could be put in place for this goal...


Zac plans to attend Texas A&M University in College Station and major in Construction Science.  With all of the construction planned in our area, this seems like a path that will enable Zac to graduate with a career that keeps him in the Lonestar state if this is indeed his goal (we know mom would like this option).

Summer and water and ...

Talk about someone who is easy going, can talk to anyone and just generally seems to enjoy life - this is how we would describe Preston.  He is a senior from Langham Creek High School for the Class of 2016.  Preston enjoys football and basketball and has been one of the Offensive Lineman for his high school football team.  Now that the weather is warm in Texas, you might find Preston at the pool!  He might be the life guard on duty so always follow the rules...  Another job that Preston enjoys is working at the Bear Creek golf course, although thanks to all the flooding our area has recently experienced, this job is sort of under water for a month or longer.

He figured out pretty quickly that his photo shoot with Nounou Photography wasn't going to be dull and boring and he left having a good time and with a bigger smile on his face.  Preston likes all kinds of music - he says he goes with his mood or whatever is on the radio.   He likes to stay busy and he is very much a "people person".

Although Preston isn't playing football for his college team, he does plan to play intramurals and still have a good time with friends.  He is super happy to be accepted to Blinn and plans to transfer into A&M and to major in Sports Management.   Preston, we at Nounou Photography congratulate you on your achievements so far and wish you all the best!  Gig-em!

Daniel: Music, Computers and Magic

Daniel’s earned his Eagle Scout award (one of the highest honors awarded in the Boy Scouts of America) earlier than most and we were able to previously photograph him with his brother, Brad and father Tom, in their BSA uniforms together.  While this award isn't necessarily part of Daniel's senior year accomplishments, we wanted to mention it because we believe that by participating in Scouting, Daniel has developed many skills, including leadership, one of his best qualities, loyalty to family and friends, and a strong work ethic he says is also exemplified by his mother and father. 

Daniel is musical.  He plays the trumpet in Langham Creek High School's Symphonic Band, and has served two years as section leader.  He likes listening to Classic Rock from different decades.  He has also played in Region Band, which requires a difficult audition with a lot of competition, and additional performance and practice time.    

Computer Science classes are Daniel's favorite classes in school, and he also prefers computer forums to books and magazines.   An exceptional student, Daniel is a member of National Honor Society and secretary of the computer science club.  Even his spare time activity of choice requires plenty of concentration, organization and brain power.  He plays “Magic: The Gathering”, a complicated card game containing many memorized rules and multiple decks of cards with categories such as creatures, lands, enchantments, sorceries and the like.  We saw how many cards were involved and are impressed that Daniel can keep all that straight. 

Daniel is looking forward to graduating this year and plans to attend Texas A&M University and major in Computer Science and Engineering.   Daniel’s continued diligent effort combined with complex thinking skills and leadership abilities will take him far and we wish him success in college and the best of everything. 

Alisa, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Alisa would rather be out doing things than be inside in front of a mirror or in a salon having her nails done, but she has lovely eyes, and we believe a natural beauty that glows.  Alisa has an amazing unselfish and kind personality that you can see in her smile.  She is goofy sometimes, laid back most of the time, and she is all about making the world a better place. 

Alisa chooses to use much of her spare time volunteering.  She has volunteered at Children’s Memorial Hospital, and feels very honored to be chosen as only nine of every 1,000 applicants are selected.  She worked there nine hours a day for five weeks, serving terminally and chronically ill children, and helping organize and disinfect toys and other items.  She also works with the animal rescue organizations Mutts and Meows and Almost Home.  She has spent many hours at Seven Lakes High School working with students with special needs, reading, singing, and teaching dance steps.  Her favorite class there is Child Development. 

When Alisa has a few minutes to spare, you might find her out playing soccer (she coaches four year olds at the YMCA), baking up something yummy in the kitchen, listening to country music (she really likes Keith Urban), or playing with her little dog Raphie (who was a rescue dog).   Raphie joined Alisa on the photo shoot and had his photo taken too - we discovered that Raphie is very fond of sniffing the roses that were in bloom in our portrait park. 

When Alisa graduates from Seven Lakes, she will attend Dallas Baptist University, majoring in Elementary Education, with plans for a Master’s degree in Special Education.    We are sure she will be a favorite teacher and inspire many, and we wish for her, that as she serves and spreads joy, happiness will stay with her as well.  We wish you the best Alisa!  

Sights set on Agribusiness

What a gentleman is what we first thought of when meeting Nick!  No wonder Maddie will be happy to escort him to Prom and also referred him to Nounou Photography for his senior portraits. 

Nick has been a member of Langham Creek High School's FFA for two years.  Both years, Nick chose to raise a goat, and although one might call it "beginners luck", Nick placed Third Overall with his goat "Martin" his first year.  This year's goat, "Beaux-cephus", had some digestive issues which of course taught Nick many other lessons, but he still had good times with this year's goat. 

While photographing Nick, we listened to Classic Country and talked about recording artists like George Straight, especially when Nick brought out his own black cowboy hat!  In the words of his grandma, "a black hat is good for at least two things - women and money "- we love her way of thinking and we can see where Nick gets some of his humor!

Next fall, Nick plans to attend Texas A&M  University - Kingsville, the Home of the Javelina Pride.  Nick has his eyes set on Agribusiness so studying near the legendary King Ranch seems like the perfect fit for his future career goals.