Best Friends and Seniors Too!

Smriti and Harismitha attend Cy Fair High School and have many shared “favorites” – including each other’s friendship!  They chose our Friendship Safari so that we could photograph both of them during the same session and they could each have fun and make each other comfortable.  While they were both a bit shy about senior portraits, I think you will agree, that the camera loved them and they both are naturally beautiful.

We have photographed Smriti for several years with the Cy Fair Orchestra and since she says that she is very resourceful, we think that’s why she was designated to reach out to us and find out all the details.  She loves Biology and Math, and with this combination she should feel very comfortable and achieve her dream of Pharmaceuticals Research.  When she finds time to read outside of school, Smriti enjoys anything about other cultures and the world news.

Harismitha participates in choir and key club.  She enjoys reading, especially on a rainy day, when you might find her curled up with a realistic fantasy book.  Just like her friend Smriti, Harismitha also loves Biology and Science.  She plans on attending UT or Baylor for Pre-Med and then pursue further education leading to a career as a pediatrician.  Harismitha also enjoys running and participates in 5ks.

Nounou Photography enjoyed spending time photographing both Smriti and Harismitha, and we believe they set high goals for themselves and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of them.


We have been designing, visualizing, and working all in preparation for this year's Senior Sunday!

It is going to be a loud, fun, crazy day here at the studio, but we cannot wait! Just in case you have not seen any of the promotions for the last month - our annual Senior Sunday is TOMORROW, August 30th from 10AM to 3PM. No appoinment is necessary, as it is a come and go event. We will offer a FREE fun photo booth all day where you will receive FREE social media images. AND each attenddee will be placed in a drawing to recieve door prizes all day long!

PLUS, this open house is the best time to book your Senior Portraits because you can save MONEY! If you have questions, call or visit our website, or better yet, if you recognize any of our Senior Ambassadors, contact them for all the details! Don’t miss out on this ONE day event!

Nounou Photography is where the magic happens. Come to us, be yourself, and we will capture who you are! We guarantee you’ll look awesome


Portraits are MORE than Just a Pretty Picture

Portraits are more than just a pretty picture… each image is unique art, created by me to make each client feel confident in their natural beauty.

Once upon a time, everyone’s senior portrait looked the same – but not today. Now, high school seniors are seeking a creative approach to this time-honored tradition. While some high schools have a “contract” vendor for senior portraits, many parents and students are selecting their own photographer.

Deciding which professional photographer should capture your once baby and now “all grown up” senior, can be a tough decision. Here at Nounou Photography, my goal is to allow each customer to enjoy this milestone, while I capture the memories and do all the work.

A Nounou Portrait and custom design work, definitely stands out from the rest!

Congratulations Class of 2015!

The day is finally here… the day you have been dreaming about – GRADUATION!  Some of you are approaching this day with all your “ducks in a row” and won’t be turning back, while others might be a little apprehensive and thinking “what’s next”.  Regardless of where your emotions fall on this scale, now that you are winners and you have accomplished your goal of graduating high school.

Nounou Photography is so blessed to meet each of you and get to hear about your accomplishments and your future aspirations.  We wish nothing but the best for all of you and we hope to continue to see some tidbits about you on social media.

Once again, Congratulations and enjoy your very special day!

Last but NOT least, Chase - Class of 2015

I’m not sure how to start this blog because Chase is my son and of course I could go all “mommyish”, but for his sake I’ll try to remain a photographer.  Photographing one’s kids is difficult, in my opinion, because they don’t want to be photographed at all and can think of a million excuses that all end with “not today”.  However, Chase did have some ideas and I enjoyed creating with him when he allowed me to and we found a couple of nice days despite all the rain that we have had this spring to complete his senior portraits.

Chase has always been able to “light up a room” and during his high school years he participated in many activities and showed leadership for multiple clubs and organizations.  During his three years in high school band, Chase played percussion and tuba and went to state with the Cypress Lakes Drumline.  As the main character that acted out the mad scientist role, Chase performed impeccably and the drumline marched and played in sync – combined they placed first in state.  Chase was also the band president his junior year.  For three years, Chase participated in Step Team and all three years the team took first place at the district competition!  As a cheerleader for two years, Chase was on the team when the first males were allowed to cheer at the high school.  In addition, Chase made All American Cheerleader his senior year and was able to cheer in the London, New Year’s Eve parade.   Also, Chase participated in NHS, NEHS (English Honor Society), Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), SNHS (Science Honor Society),  and Key Club.  He volunteered at many events and his senior year was accepted into the Junior Rodeo Committee, so he will continue this family tradition of volunteering with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

By encouraging others to do their best, Chase is a team player and is always finding the positive in difficult situations.  He has proven himself to be a mature, young adult in high school and we hope he continues to be a positive impact on others in college and throughout life.

Chase had a difficult decision to make for his choice of college, but after a lot of thought, he has chosen to attend the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Oklahoma and will be pursuing a major in Petroleum Engineering.  Officially, we are now a “family divided” and the Red River Rivalry will become another tradition we will embrace.

Beautiful and Diverse, Here’s Miss Courtney!


Courtney graduates this spring from Cypress Falls High School.  Her preferred subject is Aquatic Science, and she loves reading.  Some of her favorite books are Hunger Games, Twilight and the Divergent series,  but she is always open to a good recommendation.   Courtney has played volleyball for over 8 years both for her high school and for Houston Skyline Juniors club, and is a member of Cypress Belles which is affiliated with the National Charity League. 

Her favorite colors are cooler colors, especially shades of blue, purple, and green.  Her favorite music genre is country music, and when we asked which famous personality she admires most, she answered Carrie Underwood, because she is pretty but stays respectful to others.  Courtney is a bit of a country girl herself and has a horse of her own named Ziggy.  She likes Western riding for pleasure. 

After graduation, Courtney will attend Stephen F. Austin University, Her major is still undecided (so many choices!)  but she would like to buy and sell horses in the future.  If she could have her dream job, it would involve travelling the world.  Courtney, we at Nounou Photography hope that in all your future travels, both near and far, you will be happy and successful in your efforts.    

Introducing Taylor

As we’re finishing our Class of 2015 seniors, Taylor reached out to us for her senior portraits.  Taylor’s mom remembered us from photographing her when she was in 8th grade and participated in Cotillion and we were the event photographer – great memory mom!

Taylor currently attends Langham Creek High School and also saw our program ad for the Mr. Lobo contest and put it all together when she loved our senior portraits. 

Thanks Taylor for remembering Nounou Photography and allowing us to capture your senior portraits.  We wish you all the best as you pursue your Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M.