He Can Go the Distance!

With this blog, we introduce Jimmy, a current senior from Langham Creek High School.  We have known Jimmy and his family since he was in elementary school at Lowery.  Nounou Photography also had the pleasure of photographing his older sister and we were so happy to work with this family again.

Jimmy loves to run and he has been running cross country since middle school.  One of his favorite memories is a run he completed in Galveston along the beautiful seawall.  Running is a way for Jimmy to take out his frustrations and to just “zone in” on what he wants he needs to accomplish.

At this time, Jimmy doesn’t know exactly which university he will attend, but he is excited about the possibilities.  We wish Jimmy all the best, and hope our paths cross again!  

Marlee Dreams of Being in the Spotlight

Although we've known Marlee for several years, we had lost touch with her and we are so excited she connected with us for her Senior Portraits!  She is very comfortable in front of the camera and this is probably a direct result of her comfort on stage and with live performances in theater.  Marlee attends Cypress Falls High School and recently returned from a trip to New York, where she was able to see firsthand several Broadway plays. 

Magic happens when you get more than one creative, imaginative mind together and during Marlee's session, she was open to trying a few of our props and "trying out different hats... ummm personalities" actually.  This black and white image of Marlee reminds us of something one of Hollywood's greatest would have created perhaps in the 1940s, made complete with the vintage fur boa. 

It's no surprise that since Marlee loves theater so much, one of her favorite TV shows is Project Runway.  This helps get her creative juices flowing when it comes to fashion and she can probably visualize herself in various costumes.  In addition to theater, Marlee loves to dance and has also been a member of the Cypress Falls Sky Dancer Drill Team for three years. 

Marlee admires Angelina Jolie not only for her talent, but also because she is a caring and giving person. We hope that Marlee achieves her dreams and is indeed one day "in the spotlight" and we can say "we knew her when..." as she makes her mark on the world! 

Brenna, Future Veterinarian

Since we first met Brenna in middle school, we have known she loves animals and she has wanted to be a veterinarian.  She has stayed focused on this dream and hopes to attend Texas A&M College Station and begin preparation to achieve this goal.

Brenna is a senior at Cypress Lakes High School and she currently participates in NHS and is the Historian for her FFA club.  She was a cheerleader her junior year but has decided to focus more on her studies and future animal with FFA.  Although Brenna is very quiet, she is always willing to lend a hand and volunteer.  We have seen her volunteer with her parents at many school functions.

For nearly two years (since we photographed her older brother), Brenna has been thinking about what she wanted for her senior portraits.  With so much preparation, Brenna wanted everything to be perfect and she was a little nervous when the day actually arrived for her photo shoot.  However, with her excitement and preplanning, Brenna's images are very representative of her activities and personality and we loved creating with her.

We know Brenna will be putting the final touches on her application to Texas A&M University on August 1st and we wish her all the best as she begins her final year of high school.  Here's to the Class of 2017!

Naturally Beautiful, that's Aurora!

Sometimes it takes someone other than your parents to tell you that you're beautiful... "aurora" means a natural light display in the sky;  most of us will not experience the "northern lights" or an aurora, but Nounou Photography had the privilege of seeing a glimmer of this senior's natural light and beauty and we think she couldn't have been more appropriately named - introducing Miss Aurora!

Aurora is a senior at Cypress Lakes High School.  She plays the flute and has been a band member since junior high school.  She is a little shy but always willing to lend a hand if asked.  We have known Aurora for several years and we photographed her older brother's senior portraits too - other than being in band, these two siblings are quite different, yet we loved creating with both of them.

Art and literature are a couple of things that Aurora loves.  She enjoys English a lot and we are sure this will serve her well in college.  Aurora admires her parents because they are strong, even in the tough times, and she has learned through volunteering that she receives great pleasure and has a higher self-esteem as a result of helping others.

Nounou Photography wishes Aurora all the best and a super fantastic senior year of high school!

Jordan, Cheering until the end!

Last but certainly not least for the Class of 2016, Nounou Photography had the privilege of creating senior portraits with Jordan.  This beautiful young lady is a senior from Cypress Woods High School and was proud to cheer for the Wildcats as a varsity cheerleader.  Although she doesn't plan to cheer in college, we are sure that Jordan will certainly show spirit for her new school of choice - Blinn and then A&M College Station!

Jordan not only cheers to stay fit, but she also enjoys being an all-around athlete and is just a little competitive.  She participated in her first ever IRONMAN North American Championship race in the Woodlands, Texas on May 14th.  She not only had to train hard for this race, but she partnered with her mom and they set a goal to complete the race.  The IRONMAN is a grueling triathlon which for this event consisted of  2.4 miles swim, 94 miles bike ride, and  26.2 miles run.  Jordan completed the IRONMAN in  a little over 14 hours and then helped cheer for her mom who finished shortly after Jordan- way to go ladies!

Jordan plans to continue her activity level and to teach others how to stay fit.  She plans to major in kinesiology at Texas A&M - we wish this future Aggie all the best!

Linda, Hardworking and Honest

The word "entitled" gets tossed around often these days for the Millennial Generation, however, Linda doesn't fit this description.   From the first time we met Linda, we knew she is determined and is hard-working.  She pretty much pays for her extra activities and fun, including most recently Prom activities and her senior portraits!

As a member of Pals and a senior from Cypress Lakes HS, Class of 2016, Linda represents what many of us might think has vanished.  She enjoys spending time and encouraging younger children with Pals, she danced for the high school drill team for three years and has played defense for the high school girls soccer team for four years.  Although we aren't sure where she finds the time, she works at Randall's so that she can afford the things that are important to her and she still has an upbeat personality and a beautiful smile.

Linda loves to cook and she especially likes to make dishes with fish.  She finds her delicious recipes and inspiration in cooking magazines which she reads for enjoyment.  In the future, Linda hopes to be a bilingual teacher at an elementary school and she plans to start this path at the University of Houston , Clear Lake in the fall.

We know your parents must be super proud of you Linda and we at Nounou Photography love your work ethic and honesty.  Stay strong and we wish you nothing but the best!

Eat, Sleep, Play Volleyball...

Marissa is a high-achiever in many ways!  She graduated a semester early from Langham Creek High School just so she could play Volleyball at Texas State University.  Marissa is an excellent volleyball player and she attributes her success to her family's support and her coaches training - of course her height is genetic and this helps too.

Nounou Photography has had the pleasure of photographing Marissa's two older siblings, Carter and Brady.  It was fun to finally meet Marissa and to see some insight into her current college life.  Of course she shared that college is harder than high school, but she also said she likes it so much better  - no surprises there!  She is excited, however, that she still gets to return to LCHS and attend prom with her friends and continue to create those last high school memories!

Marissa is definitely a team player and has helped the Texas State Bobcats Volleyball Team win several victories!  We wish her all the best as she continues with her studies at TSU and plays the sport she loves - Go Bobcats!